Member Profile: Ken Gutman

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Ken, a business owner in the finance industry, has been a Liberty HealthShare member for nine years.

As a longtime sharing member he has seen both the peaks and valleys of the ministry. However, he has remained committed to being member through the ups and downs and has witnessed significant ministerial improvements.

“Everything is running very smooth now,” he said.

At 60, Ken stays active and enjoys playing tennis. As a result, he's had various injuries over the last ten years, and says that Liberty HealthShare has always been there for him.

As a grateful sharing member, he tries to make wise decisions about his health. He once investigated surgery for his arthritis and found that it was going to cost upwards of $16,000, so he decided to look for a different, more cost-effective way to seek healthcare in order to get back to playing tennis.

Now that the PHCS network (and HST Connect) is available to members, Ken celebrates that members can have an easier time when they have a medical need. The voluntary network and the new process of a provider submitting a member’s expenses and documentation have both significantly improved his sharing experience.

“It’s a complete change of game being in the network while still being able to choose my own doctor if I need to,” he said.

He noted that Careington’s Telehealth is an excellent addition to his membership.

“I’ve used Telehealth 7 times, and each interaction has been seamless. All I had to do was show up to my appointment from the comfort of my home.”

The value Ken receives from his sharing program, the provider network, and the free discount programs all contribute to his increased satisfaction over the years.

“I’ve checked the marketplace, and there's no comparison. If you are a somewhat healthy person, Liberty HealthShare can be a great choice for you."

Ken didn't grow up with faith, but he now realizes the important role his faith has in his life. He now aims to live how Jesus lives. Knowing that our community is based on Christian principles makes him feel more confident as a sharing member.

"I have faith in a Christian organization to deliver.”

While he knows that Liberty HealthShare cannot provide an exact timeline of when eligible medical expenses will be shared, he has noted that his medical expenses have been shared within 90-100 days.

Additionally, when he calls to talk to one of our advocates, the customer service that he receives from knowledgeable advocates has always been helpful.

"I have zero complaints.”


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