Liberty Dental:
Another Reason to Smile with Liberty HealthShare

The Liberty Dental Sharing Program is available as an optional add-on to a Liberty HealthShare medical sharing program. Our new dental sharing program can help you get the dental care you need at an affordable cost.

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With Liberty Dental:

  • See any licensed dentist of your choice
  • Receive up to 100% sharing of eligible dental preventative care expenses
  • Low monthly share amounts
  • Low AUA amounts
  • Combine Liberty Dental with the existing Careington Dental for even greater savings

Starting at only $35 a month for an individual, there's a dental sharing option that's perfect for you!

Sharing Contribution Breakdown

See the Sharing Guidelines for complete details.
  • Monthly Share Amounts:
  • Single
  • Couple
  • Family up to 4
  • Family 5 and More
    $129 + $20 each over 4
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You and your family can receive significant savings on your dental care by sharing dental costs with other Liberty HealthShare members.

Share dental care expenses in a like-minded community. Enjoy the same sharing perks that you currently have with your Liberty HealthShare membership, now with dental!

Log into your ShareBox to add dental to your membership or call 855-585-4237 and speak to a team member today!

This Dental Sharing Program is not available as a stand-alone program. Participants must be enrolled in one of Liberty HealthShare’s medical cost sharing programs to be a member of Liberty HealthShare’s dental sharing program.

Have specific questions about our Liberty Dental program?
The Liberty HealthShare team is here to help!