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    Leading Healthcare Sharing Programs

    Our Mission

    We make the Christian tradition of healthcare sharing available and affordable to all.

    Liberty HealthShare Empowers Members to Take Control of Their Health

    Since 1995, Liberty HealthShare has equipped health-conscious individuals and families to make wise healthcare decisions. Our supportive community commits to bearing one another’s burdens in prayer, encouragement, and financial support. By emphasizing good stewardship of our bodies and our healthcare spending, and providing helpful advice, we help our members stay in good health, budget for medical needs, and reduce the overwhelming complexity of navigating our nation’s current medical care system.


    We strive to bring clarity and offer an alternative to complicated and costly healthcare options. Our time-tested healthcare sharing programs make it easy to budget for medical costs, share medical needs, and grow in understanding of medical treatments and outcomes. With an easy-to-use, secure online portal and access to a wide range of helpful resources, Liberty HealthShare provides a simple yet powerful way to pay for medical care.


    We take our members’ trust seriously, committing to careful operational management and transparency. As a non-profit entity, our role is to help the Liberty HealthShare community manage medical costs efficiently. With minimal overhead and a commitment to streamlined processes, we take good stewardship seriously. In recent months, as our membership has grown quickly, we have prayerfully expanded our organization to provide more timely support, always guided by our commitment to keep costs low while providing significant value.


    We believe in the power of healthy communities. 

    Our hundreds of thousands of members nationwide help keep costs low for our community, while enabling us to powerfully support and uplift those with medical needs. 

    As one of the nation’s fastest-growing healthcare sharing programs, Liberty HealthShare offers a clear, secure solution that you and your family can trust.

    To learn more about our healthcare sharing programs request a free decision guide

    Our Values

    We honor Christ by giving selfless service, compassionate living, acting with integrity and producing innovative solutions.

    Executive Leadership

    Dorsey Morrow, Chief Executive Officer
    Drudy Abel, Senior Executive Officer
    Steve Furst, Chief Financial Officer

    We are thankful to these uncompensated directors for their leadership and commitment to our ministry. 

    Board of Directors

    Durlin Beachy, Chairman
    Don Brewer
    Everett Yoder
    Robert Klinestiver, M.D.
    Tae Kim