Member Profile: Cindy Pavell

Member Profile - CindyPavell

Cindy Pavell has been a member of Liberty HealthShare since 2017. Three years ago, when a new leadership team began to guide the ministry, she noticed something drastically changed.

"It's been like night and day," said Pavell. "It's much more organized, and my bills are being shared into. I don't have anybody on my back about stuff not getting paid." 

Pavell, health and wellness fitness coach, published writer, and part-time university instructor, has had her fair share of health challenges. She had Hodgkin's lymphoma in her late 30s, and long-term radiation that caused what her doctor now calls “the perfect storm."

In addition, Pavell has battled through heart problems, knee replacements on both knees, and, since December, has been battling breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy and is now halfway through her chemo treatments. 

Periodically, Pavell receives a call from our care navigation team nurse who checks on her. "I truly feel taken care of. I don't have any trepidation about taking care of my health with Liberty HealthShare."

Her faith is an important part of her life, and through everything she has endured she sees God at work on her behalf. Her breast cancer was discovered early though a yearly wellness visit, and when she had to change hospitals to continue her treatment, she found that her recommended doctor was located there. "God has surrounded me with so much support and got me to the right doctors."Liberty HealthShare Member enjoys the power of sharing.

She is grateful for a Christian family that supports her. Members from her church check in on her, bring her food, and meet to pray for her. "There's nothing like a Christian family. There just isn't," said Pavell.

Her husband, Jon, is her biggest supporter and she’s blessed by his faith. "He's on a men's prayer call every morning," she said. "He's been an unbelievable husband through this."

While Pavell is grateful for others' kindness, goodness, and the support of the Liberty HealthShare community she believes her greatest strength and foundation comes from God. "That's from Christ," she said. "That is Jesus."