Liberty Assist:
A Healthsharing Program for Seniors

If you’re 65 or older, have Medicare and want to join a medical cost-sharing program, Liberty Assist is for you.


Who Is Liberty Assist For?

Liberty Assist is for people 65 and older already enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. It can help you fill the gaps in your medical coverage and control your medical expenses with minimal stipulations.
  • See any doctor you want. 
  • There are no pre-existing condition limitations.
  • Married individuals participate as separate Sharing Members.
  • The program is secondary to Medicare Parts A and B.

What Does Liberty Assist Cost?

Our monthly contributions vary by age with a $1,500 Annual Unshared Amount (AUA) you are responsible for before sharing can take place

  • Age Range: Monthly Contribution:
  • 65-69 $87/month
  • 70-74 $92/month
  • 75-79 $123/month
  • 80-84 $159/month
  • 85-90 $187/month
  • 91+ $281/month

When Can You Enroll?

Current Liberty HealthShare members can easily transition into the Liberty Assist Sharing Program when they turn 65.

Former Liberty HealthShare members currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan can enroll at any time before age 71.

Retirees on Medicare whose employer/provider insurance is terminated can enroll within 30 days of termination.

New member enrollment is available 3 months prior, 3 months after, or during the month you turn 65.

Have specific questions about our Liberty Assist program?
The Liberty HealthShare team is here to help!