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Liberty Rise:
A Healthsharing Program
for people 18-29 years old

Liberty Rise is for people 18-29 years old. It's a budget-friendly sharing program ideal for young adults and married couples who don’t have children.


Share medical expenses for:

  • Physician Primary Care
  • Specialists
  • Hospital Stays
  • Urgent Care
  • Emergency Room
  • Surgeon Fees
  • CT and MRI Scans
*Subject to unshared amounts and maximum sharing limits. Maternity expenses are not sharable.

If you’re married: both spouses need to have their own Liberty Rise membership.

Individuals who have been a primary member of another Liberty HealthShare sharing program within the past 12 months are not eligible for Liberty Rise membership.

What Does Liberty Rise Cost?

Liberty HealthShare’s Liberty Rise is only $119 per month. Medical expenses eligible for sharing are limited to $50,000 per year for all services. See the Sharing Guidelines for complete details.
  • Medical Expenses
    Eligible for Sharing
    Amount Per Visit
    Sharing Limit
  • Primary Care Physicians
    $750 /year
  • Specialist Physicians
  • Urgent Care
  • Hospital Stays*
  • In-/Outpatient Surgeon Fees*
  • Emergency Room
  • CT Scans
  • MRI Scans
*Prenotification required

Enroll in this affordable program to take charge of your own healthcare.

Share medical care expenses in a like-minded community. Liberty HealthShare is not insurance. We are a Christian membership-based, non-profit organization where we help facilitate the voluntary sharing between members to pay each other’s medical costs.

Have specific questions about our Liberty Rise program?
The Liberty HealthShare team is here to help!