Member Profile: Shawn Carroll


Although Shawn Carroll struggles to recall the details surrounding the events of, and her recovery in, 2017, she still considers herself blessed.

"I'm grateful to Liberty HealthShare," Carroll said. "I must have just become a member at the time."A butterfly on a rose painted by Carroll.

While traveling back to their home state of Georgia after her son graduated from Navy boot camp, Carroll’s family was involved in a terrible car accident. Carroll was airlifted to Erlanger Baroness Hospital in Tennessee, while her sons were admitted to separate hospitals.

Her sister, Cindy, sometimes assists her in remembering details, but, regardless of what she can or can’t recall, Carroll is thankful. Throughout it all, she remembers how Liberty HealthShare members were there for her. Shawn in a dandelion shirt she painted.

“I was in a serious car accident in 2017 which caused my medical bills to exceed my auto insurance limits.  Liberty HealthShare picked things right up after that and surpassed my expectations. They have continued to provide wonderful service, and I'm so thankful to be a member."

Both of Carroll's sons were discharged from the hospital soon after the accident, but her recovery would take additional time and frequent therapy.

After being discharged to home, she continued therapy and healing.A favorite subject of Carroll's to paint are rivers.

"I was scheduled for eye surgery, and every time I called Liberty HealthShare such wonderful people were there to help me.”

Before the accident, Carroll had worked as an artist with her own business. However, after the car accident, she lost all memory of being able to paint – that is until her family told her therapists that she was an artist.

”One day, they put me in front of a table full of paints, and my love for it came back immediately.”

Carroll's paintings before and after the accident are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

“All of these were done after the accident. The big one of the jellyfish was one of my first after I came home. The ones of the butterfly and the river were done later. I feel like I’m improving and getting more detailed.”

Carroll continues to paint and spend time with her two sons and a soon-to-be daughter-in-law. Through all the trials of her accident and the healing process, she is thankful to live the life she does today.

"Liberty has certainly been another miracle in my life."A colorful painting by Carroll reading "In a world full of turmoil...choose joy."

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