How Liberty HealthShare Members Support Those With Pre-Existing Conditions

There are many reasons to become a Liberty HealthShare member. Individuals choose our community because our members support one another, including our members who have a pre-existing condition at enrollment. 

We believe in helping more people to reduce the high cost of medical care. We generously offer many individuals with pre-existing conditions the opportunity to be a part of our community and receive support from other healthsharing members. 

What is a pre-existing condition at Liberty HealthShare? A pre-existing condition is any chronic or recurrent condition that has evidenced signs or symptoms or received treatment or medications within the past 36 months. 

To protect our community resources and SharePower, we have sharing restrictions for new members with pre-existing conditions. Sharing limitations only apply to the pre-existing condition and not to other conditions a member may have during their membership.

These sharing limits are in our current Sharing Guidelines:

  • Within the first year, a pre-existing condition is not eligible for sharing.
  • In the second and third years of membership, a pre-existing condition is eligible for sharing up to $50,000 of the total medical expenses for that condition.
  • After the 37th month of continuous membership, a pre-existing condition may no longer be subject to the current pre-existing condition sharing limitations. It may no longer be a pre-existing condition defined by our Sharing Guidelines.

Members who have a health condition at the time of enrollment are offered support and cost-saving tools that support their health. 

HealthShareRx and Healthcare Bluebook serve our members with pre-existing conditions and allow them to receive low-cost medications and high-quality providers. If you have questions about pre-existing conditions or our supportive programs or tools, we are here for you. Give us a call at (855) 585-4237 or email us at anytime.