Navigating Medicare and Your Liberty HealthShare Membership

Your Liberty HealthShare community is here to support you through all phases of your healthcare needs. This includes when you meet the requirements for Medicare.

If you will soon meet or have already met the requirements for Medicare, it is important to know how Medicare enrollment works with your Liberty HealthShare membership.

How Liberty HealthShare Works for Medicare Members

Once a Liberty HealthShare member, who also has Medicare, sees their provider, they first submit their medical expenses to Medicare.

After an expense has been processed by Medicare, if there is a remaining balance, a member can then submit the eligible expense (along with a copy of Medicare's explanation form) to their healthsharing sharing community through ShareBox.

Liberty Assist

Our sharing community shares the remaining cost of our member’s submitted expense according to our Sharing Guidelines and subject to the member's program level and Annual Unshared Amount (AUA). Please always keep in mind, you should submit your medical expenses to Medicare prior to submitting your expenses to your healthsharing community.

Liberty HealthShare will share the percentage of our member’s eligible medical expenses that Medicare does pay, per our Sharing Guidelines. For sharing members who have chosen to opt out of Medicare, under these circumstances, you are responsible for the amount Medicare would have paid.

Explore Our Medical-Cost-Sharing Guidelines

We always encourage our members to familiarize themselves with our Sharing Guidelines to ensure you receive the most value from your membership as an active member within our healthsharing community. If you currently have a form of health insurance, including Medicare, please email your name, member ID number, and your insurance provider’s information to

Liberty HealthShare exists to help our members share in each other’s lives by lessening the burden of one another’s eligible medical costs. We support our members through various seasons of life. If you have any questions about Medicare and your Liberty HealthShare membership, one of our team members will be happy to assist you at 855-585-4237.

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