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What's Wrong With Some Medical Tests You Can Do At Home?

Nowadays, with just a few kits and tools, you can perform various at-home medical tests to help uncover your health concerns. You can buy medical kits to help you keep track of your blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and cholesterol levels, among other medical concerns. 

Even though it might seem convenient to test yourself in the comfort of your home, not all at-home tests are accurate or easy to use. Some people opt for at-home medical testing to remove the traditional medical system from the equation, which can be pretty expensive.

In the best circumstances, doing medical tests at home offers convenience and privacy and could be cheaper than visiting a doctor. However, at-home medical tests come with their own drawbacks. 

That's why Liberty HealthShare provides an affordable way to share your medical expenses, including those for routine lab tests, in a like-minded community. Medical cost sharing will help you seek better healthcare and avoid at-home medical tests, which can be quite intimidating, inaccurate, and unreliable. With that said, let's look at some of the problems that come with some of the medical tests you can do at home.

What are the Downsides of At-Home Medical Tests?

Here are some of the risks that come with the medical tests you can do at home:

Misinterpretation of your test results

Since most medical tests that are done at home lack medical guidance, the results are provided with little or no consultation with a doctor. Therefore, it is not easy to interpret the results. Misinterpreting your test results could lead you to try the wrong medications, which could complicate and negatively affect your overall health.

Inaccurate results

Reliable and accurate results depend on how you collect your sample. The problem with some of the medical tests you can do at home is that there is a higher risk of error in sample collection compared to those taken by medical practitioners. You can easily mishandle or improperly store your sample. This will lead to inaccurate results and, in some cases, provide information that's not medically proven.

Improper tests

Choosing the wrong test will not only lead to unnecessary expenses but also bring unnecessary anxiety. You'll find yourself making costly lifestyle changes after selecting the wrong test. For example, you might drastically change your diet based on improper allergy test results.

Inconsistent test quality

With many testing products available on the market, it can be challenging to determine which tests are reliable.

May lead to further health deterioration

Home tests often over-promise but end up giving unreliable results. Therefore, replacing your regular healthcare assessments with at-home tests could make you overlook problems that a doctor might have picked up.

Extra costs

After getting positive results, you'll still have to see your healthcare provider, leading to more tests to confirm your concerns. Another round of testing means more costs. Therefore, visiting the health care provider could save you from spending extra money on at-home medical test kits.

What's the Alternative?

People mostly do at-home medical tests to save money. However, a professional medical provider can help you accurately identify any potential health issues and get the right treatment. This will help you avoid complications and take a step towards living a longer, healthier life. However, research shows that people face financial difficulties when accessing better healthcare despite having health insurance. This results from high insurance premiums, high deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses. To make it worse, medical costs are rapidly rising.

Luckily, you have various options when it comes to dealing with your medical costs. As a member of Liberty HealthShare, you can share your high medical costs with other members and get the professional treatment you can afford.

Let Liberty HealthShare Help You Save 

Staying on top of your health goes beyond just taking medical tests. You'll need a medical professional to help you take your tests and make sense of the results. Since at-home tests come with various issues, it's best to seek better medical care from professionals rather than gambling with your health. However, the major challenge that comes with seeking good medical care is the high costs that come along with it. Luckily, we have a better option other than health insurance to help you cater to your medical bills.

Liberty HealthShare understands that lab testing and medical needs can be costly expenses. We also know how vital it is for you to have regular checkups with a physician. Financial constraints are not supposed to stand in the way of good medical care and health. That's why we have a way to help you take control of your health and receive better treatment.

Liberty HealthShare is not insurance but rather a Christian, membership-based, non-profit organization that helps facilitate the voluntary sharing between members to pay each other's medical costs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you save money on your healthcare costs.

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