Employee Spotlight: Meet Michael

Employee Spotlight_Michael

September’s employee spotlight is Michael, a talented member of the Liberty HealthShare sales team. 

Having worked on the sales team for just shy of one year, Michael enjoys the value of his work in Liberty HealthShare’s tight-knit sales department. “I love offering an alternative healthcare option to families that fits with their morals. I enjoy the challenge of connecting with people and helping them understand how our programs can work for them in many ways,” he said. 

While working together on a team that values putting in effort and moving the ministry in a positive direction, Michael says it is the joy of service to potential members that stands out the most. “I love speaking to people who never knew that health sharing was an option for their healthcare. I am thankful to be able to tell them about our ministry and offer that option.” 

Michael says that Liberty HealthShare is best described as Christian membership, family structure, and a ministry that is always there for our members. “My family has a tradition to sign off texts or emails with L.Y.J.T.W.Y.A., which stands for ‘love you just the way you are,’ and that’s an important part of being in a family. No matter what, that never changes.” 

Michael encourages Liberty HealthShare members to live a healthy lifestyle so they can take full advantage of what health sharing has to offer, such as discounts through the Careington programs.

When not letting people know about all the great things Liberty HealthShare has to offer, Michael and his wife work on the restoration of their 19th century farmhouse and enjoy time with their two children on seven acres. “Eventually, we want to start adding animals like goats, llamas, chickens, and more!”

To contact the Liberty HealthShare sales team or to learn more, call (855) 585-4237. 

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