When God Rolls Up His Sleeves


God has rolled up His sleeves. Isaiah 52:10

When God “makes bare His arm” in the Bible it means He is about to get to work on something, or He is bringing judgment. When God stops to help me, the image of Him rolling up His sleeves takes me back to a different time and place.

When I was a teenager, much of my work included working for local farmers. I loved it, but it was often very hard work. There is nothing quite like making or putting up hay on a hot mid-summer day. I remember working on a farm for a man whose father was still alive, but in his later years. I can still see him in a long-sleeve shirt, straw hat, and bib overalls working along with the rest of us to handle bales and endure the sun. At some point throughout the day there was a chance he might roll up his sleeves; although if it happened at all, it would be long after I would have rolled them up. This image sticks in my mind.

I love the fact that God will get down to business on our behalf. He will roll up His sleeves and get to work. Sometimes I even ask Him to do this in my prayer. I don’t ask lightly because I know this action is reserved for rare moments of great need.

Maybe you need to think about this image today. Allow God to work for you in your life. His strength is incomparable. His devotion and love are incomprehensible. He might just be rolling His sleeves up now for you. 

Dear God, I love this. I love the thought of having a Father who will do whatever He needs to do to take care of me. I trust you, Lord, with my life and future. Amen.

Pastor Wes Humble is Executive Director of Ministry, Community Relations and Events.