June is National Men's Health Month!


Men’s Health Month is celebrated every June, with “Wear Blue Day” observed on June 14th! Did you know that men are less likely than women to seek medical attention, or to have crucial preventative screenings? Depending on your Liberty HealthShare membership, you may have preventative screening and wellness visits that you’re missing out on! First, check out the Liberty HealthShare Sharing Guidelines to see what is shareable in your program, and then consider some of the following screenings crucial to men’s health!

Cardiovascular disease not only increases your risk of heart attack and stroke, but it can also impact your overall quality of life. Screenings that measure cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure can uncover crucial warning signs associated with cardiovascular disease. According to some estimates, half of all adults in the United States don’t realize how serious cardiovascular disease can be – don’t wait to take appropriate steps!

Men's Health MonthIn every age group, men lag in use of sunscreen. It’s only logical for the outcome of this to be higher rates of skin cancer in men. Couple this with the aforementioned low volume of men seeking medical attention, and you have a perfect recipe of treatable conditions going ignored! If you notice something different in your skin, talk to your physician, or even get a full skin exam. Skin cancer, when found in early stages, has a high chance of recovery!

We can’t talk about men’s health without mentioning Prostate cancer. This cancer develops slowly and is often not apparent until later in life. There are multiple avenues that can be taken to screen for Prostate cancer, so it is best to speak with your physician about what is best for you. One thing to note is that depending on your risk level, you may want to begin screening for Prostate cancer as early as 40 years old.

There are a million and one more issues that we could address, but one final consideration is that while men may have higher likelihoods for certain illnesses, no two people are the same! Psalm 139:13-14 details how each one of us is made special. This is why we believe that your healthcare is your choice! This Men’s Health Month, we here at Liberty HealthShare encourage you to take charge of your healthcare, speak with your physician, and schedule whatever health screenings are best for you!