Can I Keep My Doctor When I Join a Christian Health Share Ministry?

If you're looking into Christian health share ministries and wondering if you can keep your doctor, the answer is yes. And you always have the option of choosing a new doctor.

Liberty HealthShare offers its members the best of both worlds. Our members can choose from the more than 900,000 providers in the PHCS network. And they can choose to see a doctor who does not participate in the network without penalty. The choice is theirs. You can always suggest a medical institution or provider if you don't see yours listed.


There's No Forced Network of Providers 

We are a health share ministry, not a health insurance company. Our strength lies in offering choice to our members. If you're looking for quality and affordable healthcare, a Christian healthcare sharing ministry is an ideal solution to help you achieve just that!

It's easy. You are free to stick with your doctor. With Liberty HealthShare, you are not constrained to a limited network. You can see any doctor, anywhere in the world. We will work with your providers so you can continue visiting the doctors and hospitals you prefer. Our goal is to help keep you healthy and happy!

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The Benefits of a Christian Health Sharing Ministry

Christian healthsharing ministries are a great way to save money on healthcare. The benefits of joining a Christian Healthshare Ministry include:

  • It’s more affordable over the long term.
  • Programs that are tailored to your specific needs—you can keep your doctor.
  • You have the freedom to choose—you’re always in control of which doctors or specialists you want to see. 
  • We are sharing eligible medical expenses within 120 days. 
  • And you’ll be amongst a group of people who share your beliefs.

On top of all of the other benefits that Liberty HealthShare offers, you also have access to HST Connect as part of your Liberty HealthShare membership. 

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HST Connect is an excellent resource for locating the best medical treatment through comparison shopping. It’s an online resource that helps you find quality care at a reasonable price. 

Liberty HealthShare Puts You First

Our health sharing ministry is of a spiritual nature. Members make a commitment to live a morally upright and healthy life, which includes not smoking and abstaining from alcohol and drug abuse. You get to live your life the way you’d like to live it, among others who share your Christian beliefs.

Contact us today to learn about our health sharing options and how you can join and access quality and affordable healthcare.

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