Employee Spotlight: Meet Quoya

This month, we are pleased to introduce you to Quoya. She is a member and provider services care advocate, and she has served at Liberty HealthShare for seven months in her role, where she answers our member's questions about their healthsharing programs.

Her favorite thing about her job is getting to know our members and explaining our services to them.

During a recent phone call, Quoya educated a member on using our ShareBox and the cost-saving resources available to help our members manage their healthcare. The member was pleased by the end of the call and even wrote an online review about Quoya's excellent customer service.

"Members must choose healthcare providers who offer them fair prices for medical services and request self-pay discounts to keep our shared resources healthy and robust," said Quoya.

Teamwork and dedication are words that Quoya says describe Liberty HealthShare.

Quoya enjoys spending time with her three children and, when she has free time, she likes to read and write.

We are blessed to have Quoya as part of our family at Liberty HealthShare, where we encourage one another to be our best for our members. Be sure to check back next month to get to know another team member!