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How to Join

Making Membership Clear and Simple

At Liberty HealthShare, we’re committed to reducing the complexity and confusion that often surrounds the healthcare system, by providing clear, simple medical cost-sharing plans.

As a community of like-minded, health-conscious individuals and families, we commit to bearing one another’s burdens and support one another in times of need.


How to Apply for Liberty HealthShare
Medical Cost-Sharing Programs

Once you’ve reviewed our medical cost-sharing programs and made the best decision for your situation, you’re ready to start our simple application process.


Create an Account

Create an account with your preferred email address

Fill Out Information

Fill out health background information for yourself and any family members you may wish to include on your membership

Wait for Response

Allow 3 business days for us to process and review your application

You’re Approved

Receive membership approval

How to Get the Most From Our Medical
Cost-Sharing Plans

Your Liberty HealthShare membership gives you more than discounted rates and shared medical expenses. We also serve our members by equipping them to make healthier choices, understand the healthcare system, and make more informed decisions about their medical care.

Our goal is to educate our members to help them enjoy better health and to be good stewards through regular newsletters and informative articles. With Liberty HealthShare, you’ll feel empowered to take control of your healthcare with wisdom and discernment.

Apply For One of Our HealthShare Programs and
Connect With Us to Learn More.