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Financial Accountability

How Funds are Used

Financial integrity and accountability are vital concepts at Liberty HealthShare. We seek to build a spirit of public trust in all that we do by earning the trust of our members through transparency and honesty and by ensuring that our members fulfill their obligations to be truthful and honest with each other.

Common Values

All members pledge to abide by a Statement of Beliefs and to truthfully disclose information about themselves both when they join and when they submit medical expenses to be shared by the Liberty HealthShare community.

Proper Use

We use state-of-the-art technology to verify medical information and to ensure that funds contributed to members are used exclusively to pay shared medical expenses. We track all monthly assignments and confirm that members submit their monthly share amounts.

Independent Verification

Our Board of Directors is the final authority that oversees the entire organization. Our Board Members are independent, non-compensated decision makers who follow a strict conflict of interest policy.

Your Money, No Surprises

Most importantly, with the exception of an administrative fee, money designated by members for cost sharing is never owned or invested by Liberty HealthShare. We assign each member’s monthly share amount directly to other members with medical expenses via the online ShareBox, and we track the exchange to be certain that those funds are used only to pay shared needs. Members can check their ShareBox at any time to see exactly how their share amount was distributed.

Annual Audit

We are audited annually by independent outside agencies to ensure proper use of funds.

2021 Audit Report

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2021 Form 990

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