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    Can I Keep My Doctor?

    With Liberty HealthShare, you’re in control. Go to your preferred doctors, specialists, and medical facilities.

    It’s simple. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. As a self-pay patient, you are not limited to a particular network with Liberty HealthShare.

    Our health sharing program makes it easy for you to be a wise consumer and manager of your medical care. As a Liberty HealthShare member, you will have access to the Healthcare Bluebook tool an online resource that can save you hundreds of dollars in healthcare spending.

    As part of our simple, transparent process, you’ll always know exactly where your money is going and which expenses are shareable. Not only can you save money, but you’ll also gain peace of mind. We support our members and their families on their journey to better health in order to bear one another burdens and promote the well-being of our community.

    Control Your Care Without Restriction

    Nearly 30,000 providers across the nation already work with Liberty HealthShare and other medical cost-sharing patients, and that number keeps growing as health sharing programs expand.

    Use our directory to find a doctor who understands how to work with health share programs, including those offered by Liberty HealthShare.

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