How To Decrease Flu Risk This Year

We live in a world where we come into contact with people every day. Everyone wants to go on outings, see friends and spend holidays with loved ones. But the southern hemisphere flu season, which usually offers the United States a heads-up on what to anticipate, arrived early and hit hard this year. In Australia, for example, the flu season was the worst in five years, with roughly 30,000 lab-confirmed cases at their weekly peak in June. And other respiratory viruses—SARS-CoV-2 and RSV—are also on the rise.


On top of all of that, a recent study found that the number of flu cases we see may be severely impacted by many of the same measures you’re already taking to stop the spread of coronavirus. So, let’s take a look at what researchers discovered and what you can do to protect yourself from getting sick as you reach the peak of flu season.

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What The Flu Study Found

Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discovered that anti-coronavirus therapies combined with the influenza vaccine could significantly lower influenza incidence. The goal of the study was to see if the COVID-19 infection-prevention techniques were also helpful to stop the spread of influenza.

These findings imply that specific community relief efforts, in addition to influenza vaccination, may be beneficial during influenza seasons, especially for those at high risk of severe sickness or sequelae.

Since the 2003-2004 flu season, the CDC has collaborated with researchers at colleges and hospitals to conduct observational studies using laboratory-confirmed flu as the endpoint to determine how effectively the flu vaccine works.

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What You Can Do To Decrease Flu Risk

In addition to getting vaccinated for both influenza and coronavirus, you can help prevent outbreaks through physical distancing and mask-wearing. Frequently washing your hands will also help to stop the spread of influenza.

Also, make sure that you’re getting enough sleep. If you want to stay healthy this winter, it is important to get quality sleep on a regular schedule, so you feel rested when you wake up. When you’re well-rested your immune system is at its best. Studies show that people who don't get quality sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus. Abide is a Christian app to help you relax, sleep better and add peace to your day through scripture, prayer, and bible stories.

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