Holistic Fitness and Exercise – Four Areas to Health!

Fall Health Tips

Did you know that there are four “types” of exercise to consider when you are working on physical health? Everybody take some time to write down your guesses – ready? When you’re thinking about exercising, you should consider the following four areas: endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. Let’s look at why each area is important, and some things that you can do for each!

First comes endurance. Your cardiovascular system touches just about every aspect of your health – so making sure you incorporate some endurance focused exercise in your life should not be overlooked! Your main focus of endurance exercise should be to increase your breathing and heart rate, and doing so need not be complicated. Going for a walk is a great place to start, and if you like to jog, swim, or bike you’re well on your way!

Next up is strength. Muscle mass, and thus overall bone health and quality of life, fades as we age. So, does everyone need to become an Olympic powerlifter? Of course not – you can put your singlet and chalk away! Trust that there is strength training that’s right for you. Consult your doctor to discuss what type of training would be best for you and take it slow. Whether it’s bodyweight exercises, resistance band training, or simple dumbbell exercises, take tiny steps to get stronger today!

Third, and maybe often overlooked, is balance. Most balance improving exercise isn’t flashy or exciting, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. Working with a physical therapist is a great starting point, but simple exercises like weight shifts or single leg lifts are great at strengthening all those little muscle and tendons that keep us steady.

Finally, flexibility! Training balance can help keep us steady, while training flexibility can help keep us mobile! Not only does training flexibility improve other areas of exercise, but it also helps us to be able to perform daily activities. You may notice a theme by this point, but training flexibility does not have to be complicated. Simple stretches, held for anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds, can have a tangible impact!

I hope you’ve learned that working on our holistic fitness, the well-being of every aspect as outlined in 3 John 1:2, doesn’t have to be complicated. You can focus on activities that you enjoy and grow in the varied physical metrics that make up a healthy you, wonderfully made by God! Everyone, no matter their age or fitness level, can benefit from incorporating these basics into their lives. Give it a try and walk together with your Liberty HealthShare community towards a happier, and healthier, future!

There are both short-term and long-term issues with slacking on your snoozing. Chronic lack of sleep negatively affects your cardiovascular system, possibly leading to heart attack or stroke. But even missing just a bit of sleep can lead to a lapse in your alertness and reactions, difficulties with memory, and an overall degradation in your quality of life. Look at any college campus around the country and there will be no doubt – neglect of sleep can make even the young and healthy look like zombies!

So now that we know sleep is important, how do we increase our odds of having adequate sleep? As with most things, it’s best to change habits and lifestyle rather than search for a quick fix. A few tips for sleeping better are to exercise during the day, to keep your bedtime consistent, and to commit to being screen free a few hours before you’re about to hit the hay. If you’re really having trouble sleeping, it may be worthwhile to consider speaking with your doctor about the possibility of a sleep disorder, for which a variety of treatment options are available.

I hope you were able to learn something this month about the importance of sleep, and that you can put together a plan to get good sleep! The Bible teaches us that Jesus thought that sleep and rest were important, such as His teaching in Matthew 11:28-30, and that we are promised peace and rest through trusting in God, as in Exodus 33:14. Healthy sleep habits impact all aspects of your health, and here at Liberty HealthShare we want to see you as happy and healthy as you can be! 

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