How It Works

Person-To-Person Cost Sharing

Through our advanced technology, you send your share directly to an assigned member's secure, online account called "ShareBox". Multiple other members do the same and funds are allocated for that member’s bills.

1. Contribute
Everyone's "share" is matched to another member's eligible bills
2. Visit Your Doctor
Show your member ID when you experience medical costs
3. Submit
Doctor sends bills electronically to discount network
4. Process
Liberty HealthShare receives and processes your discounted bills
5. Share
Members contribute to your secure online "ShareBox" account
6. Approve
You direct Liberty HealthShare to pay your bills from your ShareBox account
7. Confirm
You will receive confirmation of payment

Liberty HealthShare provides you with an approved way to know who you are sharing with so you can message them with prayer, support and cheer if you choose.

When you have a medical incident, fellow members are committed to support you and share your costs.

Imagine how you’ll feel knowing costs remain low, you know where your money is going, you make your own healthcare decisions, and you choose any doctor or hospital.

Liberty HealthShare backs up these claims with an easy enrollment process, a transparent, secure, on-line payment system, and a process to connect like-minded people together in a community of support.

Free Decision Guide

We would be happy to provide you with our informational Decision Guide. It is a great source to see if Liberty HealthShare is a correct solution for you.

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