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New Sharing Programs: Q&A

Liberty HealthShare has created three new sharing programs: Liberty Unite, Liberty Connect and Liberty Essential. These new programs help to steward our collective resources - powerfully serving our members and the future of our sharing community. Please note that if your annual renewal date is November, December of this year, or January, February or March 2022, you will need to make a new program selection before March 25, 2022. 

We will help to answer some common questions we have received from our members: 

Q. Why did Liberty HealthShare create new sharing programs? 

A. We continually look for ways to better serve our members and steward our shared resources. Our updated programs will assist in protecting our shared resources, our SharePower, decrease our share times, and increase our ability to share more eligible medical expenses with one another. 

Q. Why did we introduce new programs soon after the last program update? 

A. Liberty HealthShare continually reviews the needs of our sharing community, our received medical expenses and the available SharePower. Medical costs have risen, and the needs of our community members have increased. We recognize that these new programs will better suit our members’ needs at this time and moving forward. 

Q. When can a member select a new program? 

A. Members enrolling after Oct. 1, 2021 will choose one of our new programs. 

  • For our members who were members before Oct. 1, 2021, you will select from one of our new sharing programs based on your annual renewal date. 
  • If your annual renewal date is November, December of this year, or January, February or March 2022, you will make a new program selection before March 25, 2022. 

Q. What if I want to change my program now, but it’s not available to me? 

A. Keeping a consistent flow of SharePower available to members during our program transition will protect the SharePower currently contributed by our members. The graduated program changes will give our members more time to identify which program works best for their situation. 

 Q. How do I make a program change? 

 A. Members can make a program change once during their annual enrollment month and initiate a program selection in their ShareBox. Members can also call Liberty HealthShare’s Enrollment team at (855) 585-4237 and we will assist you in making a program change. Members must sign an electronic document to complete the process. 

Program options will be visible in your ShareBox 60 days prior to your annual renewal month and you will be required to select one of the new sharing programs by the 25th of the month prior to your annual renewal date. 

 Q. When I choose a new program, does my AUA restart? 

 A. When you transition to a new program, Annual Unshared Amounts will roll forward as part of your new program until your next annual renewal date. 

Q. What is a co-share? 

A. A co-share amount is an amount a member is responsible for before sharing begins for a given expense. Your sharing program determines the co-share amount and it can help strengthen the provider/member relationship while assisting in protecting our community SharePower and resources. Our goal is to give our active sharing members what they need: the ability to share more medical expenses in a shorter time frame.

 You can visit our website or your ShareBox to read more about our New Programs