Eligibility for Healthcare Sharing Programs

Find Out if You and Your Family Qualify for Liberty HealthShare

Liberty HealthShare’s program is based on shared ethical and religious beliefs, a religious tradition of mutual aid, neighborly assistance, and financial sharing. The program does not share expenses resulting from behaviors and lifestyles destructive to personal health, but is specially tailored for individuals who maintain a Christian lifestyle, make responsible choices in regards to health, and believe in helping others.


Sharing Member Qualifications
And Requirements

Observe Christian Standards

  • Acknowledge that Jesus Christ is our Salvation (John 14:6)
  • Demonstrate the Fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22 – 23; Matt. 12:33)
  • Honor the biblical teaching to ‘share one another’s burdens’ (Gal. 6:2)
  • Participate regularly in worship and prayer (John 4:24)

Accept Our Shared Beliefs

  • We believe that Jesus Christ is the only way by whom we are forgiven of sins and are gifted salvation. (John 14:6).

  • We believe that our personal rights and liberties originate from God and are bestowed on us by God and are not concessions granted to us by governments or men.

  • We believe every individual has a fundamental religious right to worship the God of the Bible according to scripture.
  • We believe it is our biblical and ethical obligation to assist our fellow man when they are in need according to our available resources and opportunity. (Gal 6:2; Acts 2:44 - 45).
  • We believe it is our spiritual duty to God and our ethical duty to others to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid foods, behaviors or habits that produce sickness or disease to others  or ourselves.
  • We believe it is our fundamental right of conscience to direct our own healthcare, in consultation with physicians, family or other valued advisors, free from government dictates, restraints and oversight.

Maintain a Christian Lifestyle

  • Refrain from tobacco use in any form. (Including smokeless tobacco and vaping devices)
  • Follow scriptural teachings on the use or abuse of alcohol.
  • Avoid abuse of prescription drugs, which means consuming prescription medications in a manner not intended by the prescriber that would likely result in bodily harm or dependency.
  • Abstain from the abuse of legal drugs or use of illegal drugs including, any hallucinogenic substance, barbiturates, amphetamines, cocaine, heroin or other opiates, marijuana, illegal intravenous drugs, or narcotics.
  • Exercise regularly and eat healthy foods that do not harm the body.

How Does My Household Fit?

Sharing members enroll at a selected household size as either a single, couple or family, which determines the monthly share amount.

Single: one sharing member

Couple: Two sharing members of the same household related by birth, marriage or adoption. This can include a married couple; a parent/guardian and dependent child; or two dependent children, participating without either parent.

Family: Comprised of three or more sharing members of the same household related by birth, marriage or adoption.

For more information, see Sharing Guidelines regarding dependents.

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