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Matthew Bellis

Matthew Bellis

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When the Bellis family decided it was time for their son Davyd to get his shots, they followed the advice of their doctor. A round of seven vaccines and boosters were scheduled for the healthy baby boy. The Bellis' admittedly say they were not ready for the dramatic procedure.

"We were afraid that [Davyd] would squirm so much, that the doctor wouldn't be able to give him all of his shots," said Matthew Bellis father of the boy.
The full shock didn't come from the shots that Davyd "took like a champ" but it came from the realization that the round of vaccines cost $1,595.

"We saw the bill and gasped because we didn't know that it would cost that much" said Jessica Bird-Bellis, mother to Davyd. Even though the cost was more than their monthly budget could bear, they were assured in the fact that the power of the discount network would work to their advantage.

"The costs were negotiated down to a much more reasonable price," said Matthew, "we didn't have to talk to a soul". At the end of it all the Bellis family only paid $268.25. They were more than delighted to have seen such a drastic change in their bill with an 84 percent discount!

"When I saw the final bill and what we paid, not only was I relieved, but I knew we made the right decision to join Liberty Healthshare" said Jessica.

Feb 28, 2014

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