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Kevin Herring

Kevin Herring

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"I discovered Liberty HealthShare after a radio ad for a similar program prompted me to do an internet search. I was impressed right away with the program, the way it was structured, and the freedom it provided. I was convinced it was clearly the best option for health sharing.

I don’t mind paying even high deductibles, but I want to know that I’m 100% eligible after that, and I want to choose both my providers and courses of treatment. Liberty gives me all that. It’s exactly the program I’ve wanted for many years.

Obamacare caused my insurance premiums, which had been stable for many years, to double while also raising my $5000/person deductible to $10,000/person. I was going to have to spend about $30,000 every year before my wife and I could access insurance benefits. Other options available under Obamacare were more expensive, extremely restrictive in terms of treatment and doctor options, doctors in the panels seemed to never be taking new patients, and there was no coverage for less expensive and less intrusive naturapathic/holistic treatments. Additionally, I was upset about having to pay for unnecessary treatments and immoral lifestyles of others through the new insurance plans against my will.

I have not had allergy problems for over 15 years as a result of acupuncture treatments that finally ended my misery that traditional allergy doctors had been unable to resolve without putting me on prednisone. This year, my allergies came back. I was so pleased that Liberty would share in my expenses for going to an acupuncturist for treatment. It’s so much less expensive and effective, it makes sense for everyone. All I had to do was get the treatment and fax a copy of the receipt to the office to have the costs applied to my family share. It doesn’t get much easier than that."

Jul 20, 2015

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