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Ed Schaibly

Ed Schaibly

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Back in '05 I had enrolled in a large sharing organization until '08 (similar to Liberty Health). I enjoyed the many facets of their program, including being Christian based; members helping members; and having the freedom to go to any doctor or hospital. In '08, Illinois made it virtually impossible for them to do business here. That's when I had to change coverage and I enrolled in Blue Cross. Since '08, my premiums had gone up steadily but most notably in the past 2 years. My premium in '12 was $505/mo and when I received the latest rate increase and saw it jumping to $835/mo in Nov '14, I said enouhg is enough. And, we had a $5000 family deductable before anything was paid.

Interestingly with divine timing, I began hearing advertisements from my previous sharing organization on talk radio. I inquired and was excited to hear the past challenges in my state were now cleared up. Just before I went thru their application process, I saw an ad for Liberty Health. I was curious so I compared the two plans. I have been in the insurance business for 34 years so I'm pretty competent in comparing plans. There were many similarities that I liked very much. But I found 2 major differences that stood out. Liberty's monthly share for my wife was about 30% less (premium in insurance terminology), with my family unfunded annual share (out-of-pocket) of only $1000/yr vs. $3750. That is a huge difference in my estimation.

Liberty's roots go back to 1988; the leadership is solid and they have a long track record of experience and success. This organization in my estimation, is poised to explode because of it's leadership, the current national healthcare debacle, and the afforability of its programs for working families. And, I love the fact that this organization is exempt from the ACA mandate. But more importantly, we each make a difference in helping and praying, for our fellow members lives. Welcome once again, to experiencing freedom of being in control of your family's healthcare, and having the ability to keep your doctor and hospital of choice.

Dec 15, 2014

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