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Dr. Kendra Pearsall

Dr. Kendra Pearsall

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In 2014, my husband and I spent $8.400 for a $5,000 high deductible health insurance policy that we never used and the prices would go up each year. I hated paying so much money for an emergency only policy. What is worse, I discovered that I would save money if I paid cash instead of presenting my insurance card (I thought their job was to negotiate group discounts for their customers??) 


I learned about LHS from a video posted on www.infowars.com and after spending a few days comparing all the health sharing companies we could find, LHS was the winner hands down because LHS covered natural medicine and the payments were automated each month instead of having to post your needs in a newsletter and sending people checks which seemed very archaic and cumbersome. 


With LHS we are only paying $3,600 a year with a savings of $4,800 for the plan. In fact we saved far more than this because our deductible was only $1,000 and LHS pays for annual wellness visits/labs which means that LHS covered $6,000 of medical expenses last year that normally we would have had to pay out of pocket either due to a high deductible and not covering midwifery.


We saved $10,800 in one year using LHS over our prior insurance plan with a thousand times better customer service and prompt reimbursement and appreciation of natural health. 


We could not be happier with LHS and we recommend them to friends, family and anyone else who will listen!

Feb 09, 2016

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