Improve Health with Health Share Programs

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Supporting Your Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle

Our Health Share Programs Guide Your Transition to Better Habits

Changes in habits or lifestyle may improve many health conditions.

Applicants to our health share programs complete a comprehensive questionnaire for our nurses to review. This process helps us get a better understanding of baseline health and to identify if applicants have any conditions that might improve with lifestyle changes.

Rather than deny membership to those who may not initially meet our qualifications, we designed a provisional membership program called HealthTrac to support applicants in their desire to build better habits and a healthier lifestyle.

Through HealthTrac, our coaches support provisional members who are willing to make hard changes to improve their health.

How HealthTrac Works

Each provisional member is assigned a HealthTrac coach for encouragement, support, resources, and advice. HealthTrac coaches also help provisional members by collaborating to develop personalized plans for improvement and set realistic goals.

Once provisional members achieve their goals, they will officially graduate from our HealthTrac program, but our support doesn’t end there.

We reach out to HealthTrac program graduates at regular intervals to ensure that they maintain their health improvement successes (and get additional support and guidance, if needed).

Some Conditions That Require HealthTrac

On a case-by-case basis, Liberty HealthShare may offer the HealthTrac program to applicants in need of support for quitting smoking, weight loss, or other conditions that have been shown to benefit from behavior or lifestyle modifications, including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and high cholesterol.

Applicants must receive an individual evaluation and are not guaranteed a HealthTrac invitation. Additionally, provisional members may be subject to some sharing limitations and additional charges depending on the materials and services required.

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