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Employee Spotlight: Meet Kaileen

This month, we are happy to introduce you to Kaileen. She works in our billing department as a medical bill processor. She has served our healthsharing members since 2018, working in various customer service roles and developing a well-rounded knowledge of our ministry and healthsharing process.

In her career at Liberty HealthShare, she has enjoyed talking with our members and getting to know individuals who call us.

In her current role, she enjoys reviewing a member’s submitted expense and ensuring that the needed information is received so an expense can move to the next step in the sharing process.

She believes that thoroughly reading our Sharing Guidelines is the key to a smooth sharing process. She points members, who have questions about a medical service or their program, to the guidelines. “A vast majority of answers can be found in our Sharing Guidelines,” she explained.

Collaborative, focused, and proud are three words that describe Liberty HealthShare.

During her free time, Kaileen enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and her furry family members, Wiz and Enzo. She’s also a muscle car enthusiast and would love to own one someday.

We are blessed to have Kaileen as part of our family at Liberty HealthShare, where we encourage one another to be our best for our members. Be sure to check back next month to get to know another team member!