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How Does a Christian Healthshare Work?

The popularity of Christian healthshare initiatives as an alternative to medical insurance has risen immensely since the 1980s. The majority of healthcare sharing organizations are funded through monthly contributions that are then allocated to persons who need financial assistance with medical expenditures.

Healthsharing programs usually have an unshared amount that a person must contribute before other members share their expenses. These unshared amounts can be managed per-incident or on an annual basis.

Whereas most insurance providers pay a set percentage of healthcare bills after customers pay a  deductible,  healthshares often cover up to 100 percent of fair and reasonable healthcare charges once the designated unshared amount has been met. The upper limit that can be shared varies by the ministry and by program, although many have generous or even infinite sharing programs.

So, let’s take a closer look at Christian healthsharing ministries and how they work.

Christian Healthshare vs Insurance

As opposed to for-profit health insurance companies, most Christian healthshares are non-profit entities committed to helping members with their medical bills. 

Despite the first healthcare sharing entities and missions being based on Christian beliefs, some health sharing programs today have evolved. They have shifted their attention to a philanthropic community that cuts across religious lines.

Healthshares are particularly community-driven and faith-based; therefore each has its unique set of member standards. As a result, selecting a sharing organization that aligns with your beliefs and personal interests is recommended.

How Do Healthshares Work?

A healthsharing ministry works under a different set of rules and regulations than traditional health insurance companies. They are not considered insurance. Their monthly sharing amounts, however, are usually lower than insurance premiums, making them an appealing option for many people.

As a result, it's essential to comprehend what rewards healthcare sharing provides, which medical expenses are eligible, what sharing limits might exist, who is qualified, and how healthsharing programs differ from your existing medical plan. 

An annual unshared amount differs by program and can range from a few hundred dollars a month to a few thousand dollars for individuals, and often a similar amount for spouses. Family programs usually increase by a similar amount. Based on the particular program specifics, the monthly share amounts might vary from less than $100 to more than $1,000. 


Since healthcare sharing programs are not insurance, the law does not compel them to share in all types of medical expenses. Medical bills associated with drug usage, abortion, pregnancy outside of marriage, and injuries resulting from unlawful actions, for instance, are frequently not shareable as most ministries are based on Christian principles.

The majority of healthsharing ministries are religious in nature. However, to contribute or enroll, you do not always have to profess your belief in the predominant faith, but should commit to leading an ethical and healthy life, including abstaining from smoking or abusing alcohol and other drugs.

In essence, healthshare members need to choose which medical requirements correspond with their personal values and those they are happy to go along with in their sharing program. The ministry's individual member criteria normally specify which behaviors are acceptable. So, should your lifestyle and religious beliefs not align with the ideals of the healthshare you are considering, it is unlikely that you are a good match.

Who is Eligible to Join a Healthshare?

It depends. Every healthcare sharing ministry comes with its own set of standards, unique perks, and varying rigor levels.

However, healthshares can suit individuals who:

  • Are generally healthy
  • Lack of medical coverage through an employer or government plan
  • Are unable to join health insurance due to missing the enrollment period
  • Want flexible contribution amounts that best meet their resources and circumstances
  • Are unable to cope with the existing health insurance costs

Liberty HealthShare Focuses on Wellbeing

A healthshare program could be a reasonable alternative when you're seeking a strategy to minimize the exorbitant costs of healthcare spending. One of such programs is Liberty HealthShare, which has been empowering health-conscious people and families to make informed healthcare choices since 1995. 

Through prayers, encouragement, as well as monetary support, our caring community pledges to carry one another's burdens. We enable our members to stay in excellent health, plan for medical needs and lessen the daunting complexities of accessing the present medical treatment structure by stressing good stewardship of our bodies and healthcare spending. 

If you want to know more about Liberty HealthShare please contact us today.

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